As some of you may know, the World Floor Covering Association(WFCA) has changed their reimbursements for CFI training from 100% to only 50% for this year (up to $500.00) with 30 days notice to the event.  Wisconsin Floor Covering Association(WiFCA) has decided to assist with the cost of this training by adding an additional $75.00 payable after completion of the training.  If you are an existing member with WiFCA or WiFCA and WFCA together, please take advantage of these reimbursements NOW!  If you want to become a member WiFCA/WFCA  as a joint member we have extended a special joint membership rate of $200.00 if you can sign-up with us BY MARCH 31ST!  I’ve attached our WiFCA/WFCA membership form also.

Act now and take advantage of the special savings!  Please contact me if you questions.